Paper Tape Division

Since 1991, M.A. Industries has set out to develop a process for manufacturing the highest quality domestic repulpable turn-up tape for the paper industry. M. A. is now a recognized manufacturer of quality U.S. made turn-up tapes, paper band strapping and reel turn-up systems both at home and abroad.

After many years of research and working with numerous Backtenders and 5th hands in the field, our engineers have developed state of the art reel turn-up systems which are unique in the paper industry. Our systems are designed to be durable, economical, simple to maintain and user friendly. Backtenders and others we’ve consulted with have overwhelmingly endorsed the user friendly design of our BTS & SMART-MATS systems.

Serving Our Customer’s Needs for Forty Five Years!

Our Laboratories have been a key factor in M.A.’s emergence as a leader in plastic molding, recycling, repulpable turn-up tape, paper band strapping, reel systems and other specialized equipment. Through this state of the art, in house facility, M.A. conducts comprehensive testing, analysis and production controls on all M.A. products and services.

Quality Policy

Achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing products and services, which consistently meet, exceed and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, stakeholders and other interested parties, through continual improvement of our processes and products.


M.A. Industries

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