SMART-MATS Reel Turn-up System

The SMART-MATS is an automated system that runs on compressed air and 220/110V ac. The system is driven by a small Micrologix PLC with easily programmable values through a panel mounted Proface Touchscreen, color display with animation. The SMART-MATS has the added feature of having a built in manual system, in case of power or PLC failure the system could be run on air only.

The SMART-MATS system utilizes a patented aluminum vertical delivery track which will never wear out and require replacement, along with a patented UHMW polyethylene curve section. The vertical delivery of the turn-up tape ensures that the tape does not flip over during the turn-up and cause excessive sheet marking or wrinkling, it is the only system of its kind in the World. Both the main track and curve track are completely covered across their lengths preventing contamination from dust, water or steam and thereby compromising the systems’ operation.

The SMART-MATS utilizes a simple cam system for feeding the tape to the nip for turn-up, and all of the operation functions are carried out by dedicated air cylinders, not complicated air logic

What’s New

  1. Animation added to “main screen” to assist operator with a visual aid simulating tape movement during string up and filling the looper bin.  Useful to assist in detection of jam locations if occurred.
  2. Alarm indicators.  Red flashing indicates the turn-up system is in-operable (jam detected).  Red steady indicates that a condition occurred that could potentially cause a faulty string-up or turn-up.
  3. Pressure monitoring of system air pressure and brake pressure.
  4. Four looper bin preset counts, useful at different machine line speeds.
  5. Part sub-assembly picture and part number to assist maintenance in re-ordering parts.
  6. PLC status indicator page.
  7. PLC input state page.
  8. PLC manual control of outputs.
  9. PLC “operation state” indicators on HMI (maintenance & trouble shooting diagnostics)
  10. Report screen logs day, time, string-up count, looper count, and status of string up.