Paper Tape Division: Products

M. A. is a recognized manufacturer of quality U.S. made turn-up tapes, paper band strapping and reel turn-up systems both at home and abroad.

In addition to being the world’s largest manufacturer of repulpable turn up tape and pulp bale strapping, M. A. Industries builds, installs and maintains the most reliable turn up systems in the paper industry today.

Quality Products through Creative Research

  • Brown Turn-up Tape
  • Manual Turn-up Tape System
  • Automated Turn-up Tape System
  • White Turn-up Tape
  • Double Sided Pressure Sensitive Tape
Automatic Turn-up Tape Systems
Automatic Turnup Tape Systems

The SMART-MATS is an automated system that runs on compressed air and 220/110V ac. The system is driven by a small Micrologix PLC with easily programmable values through a panel mounted Proface Touchscreen, color display with animation ... Read more.

Manual Turn-up Tape Systems
Manual Turnup Tape Systems

The BTS 4001 is a compressed air only operated system that requires the operator to apply a six inch length of adhesive to the turn-up tape, insert the tape into the unit, and turn a crank handle to send the tape ... Read more.

Turn-up Tape
Turn-up Tape

At M.A. Industries, Inc, we manufacture all of our turn-up tape and pulp bale strapping lines right here in the United States, the only product fully manufactured in the U.S.A. ... Read more.